I Finally Worked Out!

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I couldn’t because I was just too sore. Sore from what, you ask? Well, I finally decided to try this workout video that my friend recommended to me a couple years ago: Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy Workout. Yes, I gave birth over two years ago, but  hey, it’s still “post-pregnancy.” It kicked my butt. There is NO WAY I would have been able to do this six weeks after birth. Tracy recommends I do it four to six days a week, but Tracy must not know that I work AND have a toddler (oh, and no partner to help nearby). Doesn’t really matter anyway because the DVD was due back at the library today.


  1. ha, I LOVE this DVD. I still mix it in with my other TA dvd's, because the abs are so good. It is worth the investment. BTW-it is STILL hard after doing it for over a year.

  2. You were the one who suggested it to me! I actually liked it. The classical music was very calming...even though I was in so much pain :).