Irrational Pet Peeves, part 4

Do you have those celebrities that you just don't like? These people annoy me. As celebrities, I just don't care of them.

#1 Christina Ricci
Reason: She had an uncanny coolness about her when she was young. Not so much anymore. Just another Maxim pin-up girl.

Image via Just Jared

#2 Zooey Deschanel
Reason: OVER-RATED. Can she act? Nope. Can she sing? Nope. Can she write good songs? Nope. Is she cute/pretty/hot? Absolutely. But so are BILLIONS of other people.

Image via Ask Men.

#3 Blake Lively
Reason: Yes, beautiful and stylish...but to compare her to Jackie-O? Unforgiveable. The girl is on "Gossip Girl" for god's sake!

Gotta run... more later.

1 comment:

  1. It seems our world is short of Jackie O-types is we are comparing a 19 year old actress to her. I don't really know if she's 19...it doesn't matter.

    I haven't seen Christina Ricci in a long time. That photo just makes me kind of sad.

    My irrational pet peeve person right now is Brad Pitt. He just annoys me. I don't even get it myself.