My Love/Hate Relationship with Pinterest


The ridiculously creative things people do with food:

The never-ending pictures of fun manicures:

Do-it-yourself cool house decorating:

Awesome kids' crafts and activities (already did the first one):

Hate (Ok, that's strong...let's go with dislike):

The over-the-top, look-how-quirky-and-in-love-we-are engagement and family photos (ok, maybe a little cynical):

That someone posted this and wrote "I want a pink gun!" 

Seeing kids' rooms like this and remembering that millions of children are homeless, sleep in huts, or don't have even one toy. Not to say my own child isn't spoiled too, because she is...

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  1. i have the same LOVE for Pinterest. i remember you showing me this site FOREVER ago and just now returning to it and now i'm addicted to it and have many others addicted to it as well. ah...the power of peer pressure to look at and become an addict as well:) xoxox ame