Not always "Stellar"

I've cut down my daily websites from about 60 to about 11. Email, local newspaper, an international news site, five gymnastics sites, Reddit, Buzzfeed, and Stellar Interesting.

I absolutely love Stellar. Almost every post is something worthwhile- something inspiring, hilarious, beautiful, or informative. Lately, however, I'm getting increasingly annoyed with the frequent pictures of women. At first, I appreciated the beauty and artistry, but now I'm starting to feel like it's become an obligatory part of a website in which men are in the majority. I am starting to realize these photos are being appreciated more for their sexiness than their artistic style (I know... duhhhhh). I'm totally aware that many of the female readers love the photos as well as the men, but let me tell you, it's starting to feel like sexual objectification to me and it's annoying. I go to Stellar to expand my horizons and end up feeling like I'm visiting some high-end men's club (like an old school literary society). 

Below are some photos from this week. Beautiful? Yes. Annoying the shit out of me? Yes. Enough to drive me away? Not yet. 

p.s. I'm totally aware that this is the case with Reddit as well, but I just have higher expectations for Stellar.

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  1. So glad you are posting again!

    It's so funny you are posting this since I recently had a similar reaction to Flickr. I went to Flickr trying to find the source for a landscape photo and I ran into a bunch of these photos. What's up with that? Yes, it is annoying.