Audrey's Book Choice Tonight

Lately Audrey and I have been going to Barnes & Noble on some weeknights. It's closer than the library and right between her school and our home. It's just nice for a quick trip. They have a storytelling stage that Audrey dances on for about 30 minutes. I need to get video.

Anyway, this is the book Audrey insisted I read... several times. I want to let Audrey make her own choices when it comes to reading, activities, etc. so they are her own and not mine... so I read it (and cringed internally the entire time).

This is possibly the worst book of all time. To see how horrible, you need to go to this amazon link, so you can see the interior.

Just a few words and names used in this book (it's like they crammed in every "girlish" interest into one book: princesses, marriage, fairies, movie stars, clothes, best friends, boyfriend trouble):

"Gloss Angeles" ~ stylists ~ Princess Graciella ~ Raquelle ~ Zane ~ Crystal ~ fairies ~ opening night ~ movie ~ wedding ~ spotlight ~ red carpet ~ love potion ~ Lilliana Roxelle ~ wings ~ island floating in the sky ~ spell ~ palace ~ "fairy phone" ~ teleporting

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