I can't remember having a more horrible start to a day:

1. Flat tire.
2. Lost Cover Girl Classic Tix (not just mine, all four of them!).
3. Lost credit card I used to purchase tix, which is required to get reprinted tix (and tix are soldout so can't buy new tix).
4. Overdrafted my checking account b/c I forgot to account for a $998 check I wrote (I totally deserve the embarassment that comes with admitting this).

Enter Audrey, Seja and Jonathan:
First of all, Audrey's reaction when I am visibly upset about my flat tire is, "that happens!" That improved my mood significantly. Then Seja takes Audrey to school and me to work. Then she goes and scavanges (is that a word?) through my house until she finds my credit card (remember, I just moved, so everyone is in boxes). Then she brings it to my work. Jonathan then loans me some bones until Monday. How lucky am I to have such wonderful people in my life!

Lisa, don't tell Dad any of this.

Now it's the weekend and Lori, Alex, Jenna, and I are going to the Covergirl Classic in Chicago. It's the last meet for the National Championships and it is the best to attend. All the gymnasts are there and you can get good seats.

I've been trolling the internet all day, following podium training. I can't believe how AMAZING Shawn, Alicia, and Chellsie look. Yay!!!


I Didn't Know It Was Possible...

To make this show any worse. UGHHHHHHHHH.

Amazing News for Women (Well, Everyone!)!

It's not often that I read the morning news and think to myself: "that's a good idea" or "that makes sense." But today- YES! Headline: "Government Advisors: No Copays for Contraceptives." So freaking amazing. This is the single best idea to reduce the number of abortions. Click here to sign to show your support:



For Parents of Little Girls Who Love Princesses

Audrey loves princesses (and barbies- yikes!). Of course, I allow her to play with them and watch their movies because they make her so happy. It's hard though. I often add comments... like, when someone says a princess is pretty, I insert "and smart!" After I watch a princess movie with Audrey (we watched The Little Mermaid tonight), I often go to the Second City's youtube channel and watch these (and they make it all better):

Words Not to Use in Your New Store Name


"I Wish My Friends' Houses Were Connected to Mine Via Secret Tunnels"

A few pics from our girls' (+ kids) weekend last week in Bloomington. I am BEYOND blessed with so many wonderful ladies in my life (this group, my Btown group, and my family!). Life is awesome.

P.S. I don't know who the quote in the blog entry title is from, but I love it. I also love this:

 Jen's little ones: B & M

Seja and her little ones: Maddie and Maia:

My lovely sis Lisa and my adorable niece Emma:

Hot Mamas! Seja, Jen, Amy:

Kids! We'll be adding one very soon via Amy!

This is so Maia. Sweet as pie with a little something "up her sleeve!"

M & M:

Gwendolyn, our newest addition Abby, Seja, and Jen:

Amy and Easton ~ E loved the waterslide!


Jen, Seja, Schwendy, Me, Amy, and baby Abby: 

Sweetest girls on the block:

M & B adore Maddie!

Passing the baby and the bottle:

My turn!


This pic does not come close to doing this moment justice:

Auds: At the end of it all! Zzzzzzzzz


I Should Have Stayed Asleep

I had the most lovely dream last night. Jon Stewart asked me out!! I was all giggly and excited like when you're 16 years old. I stand by my view that funny and intelligent men are much sexier than sexy men. He's so cute!

But then I woke up to lost car / house keys and more new house problems. Argh. Oh, and I have to read a book bigger than the Oxford Dictionary by Monday.


I'm the Picture Taker

In my world, I am the picture taker. I have such a bad memory that I need pictures to help me remember. Also, I think when you lose people at a young age and you wish for glimpses of your memories with them, it makes you go into overdrive when documenting.

I'd like to mention to all my lovely best friends, who are all hostesses with the mostessses, that I may not be bring yummy baked goods or provide a bed & breakfast-like environment when you visit... but damn it, I give you pictures! Hee.

Anyway, it was nice when Seja sent me this candid photo of me and Audrey. Candid photos of me and Audrey basically don't exist, so this one is extra special!

Photo credit: Seja

In the Eye of the Beholder

I know some people look at this picture and think it's the most beautiful place on earth. I look at it and it absolutely terrifies me.

The Blue Hole in Belize.


Words/Phrases I Would Like to Ban from the Internet

"Yes, please" (EX: "Triple chocolate covered pretzels? Yes, please!")

"For your little fashionista" or "for your budding fashionista."

"Dear...(enter name of person, inanimate object, business, etc that you want to bitch about)." EX: "Dear Turbeillun Blog, lighten up."

Epic. This HAS TO GO. Things ARE RARELY epic, so we shouldn't see this word everyday.

"Just sayin'." Just sayin'.

"Fierce." Luckily, I think this one is on its way out.

Rational (for once!) Pet Peeve

Ok here it is: Restaurants, if you are out of a certain soda, you should tell the customers when they buy the soda. They may be there to buy ONLY that soda. This happened to me yesterday (and happens all the time) at Chipotle, where there was also a line out the door. I had to decide between getting my money back, which would likely take forever since the cashier wouldn't know how to do that + there were 400 people in line, OR spending time with my best friends who I see only a couple times a year. I chose the latter. Duh.


What's for dinner?

'Cause breakfast was a chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese and lunch is a sugar bagel with sugar cream cheese.

Girls' Weekend!!!

These girls are visting this weekend! Yay! And this time it's with kids. Seven kids under the age of seven. Uh oh.