"Mommy, do I know your Mommy?"

That was Audrey's last question before bed tonight. I was so happy when she asked me. I told her that she doesn't know my mommy, which is her grandma. "I have two grandmas?" I said yes, but my mommy died so you don't see her. Here's the rest of the conversation:

A: Did she have black or blond hair?

ME: She had black hair. You get your blonde hair from Gran-E (Dan's mom).

A: What was her name?

ME: Jill. I have a picture of her.

A: Can I see?

ME: Yes. (Then I went got a picture of me and mom right before she died when I was 19; Audrey was able to recognize me. I also showed her a picture of mom and Grandpa.)

A: Grandpa!

ME: Yes, Grandpa is my daddy. And she (pointing to picture) was my mommy. GranE is Daddy's mommy.

A: Tell me more about her.

ME: She as very funny and silly, like us. She was a teacher just like Dawn and Michiru (Audrey's teachers). She was very smart and loved to read before bed every night. She loved to play cards. In fact, she taught me "Slap Jack" (which I incidentally taught Audrey about an hour before).

A: Tell me more.

ME: We liked to sit in her room and watch a funny show called "Love Connection" together. It was about a man and woman going on a date and then telling everyone about it. Sometime they fell in love and other times they couldn't stand each other. Mom and I laughed at it so much. Also, the host would also say, "We'll be back in 2-and-2" right before a commercial. (I showed her how he held up two fingers and flip flopped them.) My mom and I used to say "I'll be back in 2-and-2" all the time to each other. Sometimes she'd ask me to get her some ice tea and I'd say, "Sure, I'll be back in 2-and-2."

A. Tell me more.

ME: You know how you sometimes call for me at night? Well, I did the same thing, but when I was older (teens) and I needed her I'd go into her room and try to wake her up by whispering, "mom." I'd get slightly louder each time, but without fail, she always screamed when she woke up. I startled her. It was so funny, but also kind of scary.

A: Tell me more.

ME: She had four siblings- three sisters and one brother. All of their names start with a "J." Jill, Jane, Judy, Jaki, and Jerry.

A: All Js! That's funny!

The lights were out during the whole conversation and I was tearing up the entire time. What a moment.


Solange - I Wish I Was There

Could this be any cooler? No. It really could not.


This weekend kicks off the 2013 gymnastics season. The American Cup, also known as "Scam Cup" by gym fans, is tomorrow. It gets it's nickname b/c USAG, the governing body of gymnastics in the U.S., makes sure that an American will win...no matter what. This year, we do have two exciting new seniors, Katelyn O'hashi, who has arguably the most difficult beam routine in the world, and Simone Biles, who could easily jump over you from a stand. Who's missing? Gymnasts from Russia, Romania, and China...you know, the other world powers. Pretty sure USA will go 1-2. I do give props, however, to USAG for their much improved presence online.

Katelyn O'hashi during podium training yesterday.

Simone Biles CRAZY!!!