Thoughts and Prayers Today

For Seja, who is in surgery now (non life threatening).
For Max, who just got out of surgery (non life threatening). It went well.
For Chad, for his second chemo treatment (of the summer- not ever, unfortunately).

Why me?

Seriously, why am I so lucky? This is what happened to me over the weekend:

1. My sis and bro-in-law treated Audrey and me to a night at the Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio. It is a hotel with an awesome water park. They then babysat Audrey overnight on Saturday so I could have a girls' night with my BFFs (sans Jen, unfortunately) on Saturday in Indy.
2. While I was in Ohio, Seja and Joe came into my house (they have a key) and painted my living room, dining room, and hallway while I was away. Yes, you read that right. Too amazing for words. And, it looks awesome.
3. Wendy and Alex treated us to a night at the new JW Marriott in Indy for girls' night.

Emma and Audrey getting ready to swim:

Audrey with a character from the Great Wolf Lodge:


Kids' Meals

Just returned from Qdoba where I ordered a kid meal for myself. A naked burrito, side of chips, and a drink for $4.50! A regular sized burrito costs $6 (not including chips + soda)!

Whenever I order things like burritos, I always ask for a small portion anyway. Seeing a huge bowl stuffed with food just grosses me out. I usually can't even eat half of it. Oh, and I don't do leftovers (unless it's pasta). When I place my order, I always say something like this: "just a tiny bit of beans, doubt she'll eat them anyway." They think I am referring to a kid, but I am really referring to me. Dishonest? Yes. As dishonest as most corporations? No.


I think I am back...

After a self-imposed 6-month break from most social media, I have decided to return to my blog. My reasons:

1. It's therapy and we all know I need that.
2. No one really reads it, so I can be all know-it-all and not feel bad about it.
3. The ten people who do read it are family and best friends. They want to see pics and updates of Audrey. Plus, they love me despite #2.

p.s. I quit FB and think my happiness has grown immensely. I still can't figure out why it has such a negative impact on me. I think it's a combo of people's political opinions pissing me off + subconscious jealousy about things I am pretty sure I don't want anyway. I am still on Twitter, but only for gymnastics reasons.

I'm telling you: no FB, cable, magazines, pinterest, mainstream radio, etc = happiness! :)