Kids' Meals

Just returned from Qdoba where I ordered a kid meal for myself. A naked burrito, side of chips, and a drink for $4.50! A regular sized burrito costs $6 (not including chips + soda)!

Whenever I order things like burritos, I always ask for a small portion anyway. Seeing a huge bowl stuffed with food just grosses me out. I usually can't even eat half of it. Oh, and I don't do leftovers (unless it's pasta). When I place my order, I always say something like this: "just a tiny bit of beans, doubt she'll eat them anyway." They think I am referring to a kid, but I am really referring to me. Dishonest? Yes. As dishonest as most corporations? No.


  1. i do that with kid-sized frosties.. uh yeah, its for my kid... its just the right size for me.

  2. I ALWAYS get the kids meal when I can. McDonald's, BK, Qdoba... It makes me feel less guilty. :)

    1. I don't know why I didn't start doing this earlier :).