Good day!

I am having a great day. It's beautiful here in Bloomington and I am feeling witty, so here we go...things that are annoying me lately:

1. The word EPIC. Not everything can be epic. At this point, this word just needs to be redefined in the dic. Epic : a word used by a person to describe some thing or event that said person thinks is cool, but almost no one else does.

2. Selfies. Is 90% of your posted pics are selfies, you need to do some volunteer work. A lot of it.

3. People who complain about the consequences of capitalism, but support extreme capitalists... i.e. "I am tired of talking to customer service reps from India!"

4. Or, people who complain about liberals, but compliment Bloomington for its amazing quality of life. No, Jen, this isn't directed at you :).

5. The website gymnastike.com, which is apparently supposed to be pronounced "gymnastique" rather than "gymnast Ike."

6. People who don't like Parks and Rec.

7. So-and-so debuted her post pregnancy body. DEBUTED?? WTF? Of all the...

8. People who say having gay parents is detrimental to the wellbeing of children. The child abuse rate in lesbian households? ZERO!!! I wish all children were so lucky (source: http://www.nllfs.org).

Happy weekend!



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