GoDaddy PunkAss

My take on the controversial GoDaddy Superbowl ad...

I guess people think it's controversial b/c an "ugly" dude is intimately kissing a "hot" woman. Honestly, I find it to be a little hard to watch, but I think that about most close ups of people kissing. Anyway, my feminist self can't help but point out the sexism in this ad...as if a women can't be sexy and smart. Um, ever met me???? Hahaha.

Anyway, the designer claims it's an effective ad b/c people remember, regardless of their opinion. I have to disagree. For me, and I think probably many others, the ad just served to remind me of what a punk ass Bob Parsons is. I mean, the guy hunted ELEPHANTS.

Not too long ago I needed a domain and web-hosting company. GoDaddy was the first to come up in my google search. I rolled my eyes and moved on. You should too.