I think I am back...

After a self-imposed 6-month break from most social media, I have decided to return to my blog. My reasons:

1. It's therapy and we all know I need that.
2. No one really reads it, so I can be all know-it-all and not feel bad about it.
3. The ten people who do read it are family and best friends. They want to see pics and updates of Audrey. Plus, they love me despite #2.

p.s. I quit FB and think my happiness has grown immensely. I still can't figure out why it has such a negative impact on me. I think it's a combo of people's political opinions pissing me off + subconscious jealousy about things I am pretty sure I don't want anyway. I am still on Twitter, but only for gymnastics reasons.

I'm telling you: no FB, cable, magazines, pinterest, mainstream radio, etc = happiness! :)


  1. Glad you're back! I love your sassy posts. ;) Hugs!