I can't remember having a more horrible start to a day:

1. Flat tire.
2. Lost Cover Girl Classic Tix (not just mine, all four of them!).
3. Lost credit card I used to purchase tix, which is required to get reprinted tix (and tix are soldout so can't buy new tix).
4. Overdrafted my checking account b/c I forgot to account for a $998 check I wrote (I totally deserve the embarassment that comes with admitting this).

Enter Audrey, Seja and Jonathan:
First of all, Audrey's reaction when I am visibly upset about my flat tire is, "that happens!" That improved my mood significantly. Then Seja takes Audrey to school and me to work. Then she goes and scavanges (is that a word?) through my house until she finds my credit card (remember, I just moved, so everyone is in boxes). Then she brings it to my work. Jonathan then loans me some bones until Monday. How lucky am I to have such wonderful people in my life!

Lisa, don't tell Dad any of this.

Now it's the weekend and Lori, Alex, Jenna, and I are going to the Covergirl Classic in Chicago. It's the last meet for the National Championships and it is the best to attend. All the gymnasts are there and you can get good seats.

I've been trolling the internet all day, following podium training. I can't believe how AMAZING Shawn, Alicia, and Chellsie look. Yay!!!

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