Adventures in Online Dating

Allow me to correct myself: "Adventures in Looking at an Online Dating Site with No Intent of Dating Anyone on it."

I don't think I'd EVER meet someone in person that I met online....for many reasons, including these:

1. "I'm just a laid-back guy, who loves his kids more than anything in the world. I am honest and trustworthy." - says EVERY guy is his profile. Literally, EVERY guy. Call me skeptical.

2. "I've seen Phish 27 times." - ummmmm.

3. Screen names I've seen: Smackthatass73, Hoosierlove69, EasyGoingGuy (and a thousand versions of this).

4. Likes: exotic pets. Oh, you're THAT guy.

5. "I want a girl who takes care of herself" or "chemistry/attraction/physical intimacy is/are important to me." In other words, I want a skinny girl who will have sex with me. A lot.

6. A look I do not like: hair spiked up with tons of gel, although there is little hair, therefore head is super shiny + skin is red-tan.

7. Favorite hot spots: Chili's, Olive Garden. I am hoping this guy is trying to be funny, but I don't think so.

8. Ed Hardy t-shirt (as Seja mentioned below). At least 50% of guys are wearing these in their photos.

9. Grammar.

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  1. Too funny. Don't forget Ed Hardy! Attention guys: Wearing Ed Hardy doesn't make you look young. It makes you look old trying to look young.