In My Dreams

The following three dreams are dreams I have on a regular basis. Feel free to skip reading this post because it sucks to have to listen to other people's dreams.

1. Jen, Seja, Amy, Wendy, and I are going on an international trip- usually to a very Eastern-bloc kind of place (and sometimes North Korea). Everytime I have this dream, something prevents me from going- I forgot my passport, the streets flooded and I couldn't drive to the airport, I couldn't get to the gate in time, etc. Only ONCE have we all actually made it to our destination. It was Italy. I desperately want to go on a international trip with these gals!

2. I am swimming in a deep pool full of large marine animals like whales and manatees. I have to touch the bottom of the pool with my feet before I am allowed to get out. NOTE: I am terrified of deep water with large marine animals.

3. Justin Bieber and I are dating. He is really into me.

When thinking about writing this blog, I decided to check out one of Bieber's videos. The one of the only song of his I know. I like this song and I am proud to admit it.


  1. I have traveling dreams all the time. usually involving air travel, though occasionally boats and trains. There's always something preventing me from getting to my destination, missing luggage, airplane problems, cant find the gate, etc... I typically have these when I'm feeling stuck in a rut.

  2. I think I would totally annoy you all on a trip of this epic proportions, my anxieties would get the best of me :)