First of all, I think protesting is totally and completely awesome. I think free speech is something we (Americans) take for granted everyday. I mean, can you imagine not being able to say what you feel? And that you could go to jail for disagreeing with your govt? That this blog would be impossible?

I especially love the anti-war protesters in Bloomington. There they are, every Wednesday, in front of the courthouse. The numbers have dwindled, but they are still there. I always wave. Hard to disagree with that message.

While procrastinating at work today, I checked out happyplace.com (awesome website) and saw a few new pro-gay-marriage signs. I posted some of my favs below...old and new. You look at these signs and can't help but laugh and cry at the same time; I mean, why on earth are we spending so much time on this? Let people be happy and free to love each other.

It's as simple as this:


This one is for my Dad and my gay ex-husband.
Haha. Funny because my dad would probably say, "sure, I love Dan!"
Ok, maybe it wouldn't be that smooth, but close.

The best of all time:

I hate that this one stereotypes (expecially since I happen to know Dan would rather do just about anything than shop), but it's pretty funny nonetheless.

BTW, a fairly recent, longitudinal UCLA study reported
that the rate of child abuse in lesbian households is ZERO.  


  1. This is such an awesome post, Jackie. Word.

  2. Damn Jackie! Killer post, made my night! :-)