A Few Tidbits

I am on my way to bed because I am still on Japan time (I literally did not sleep last night). A longer post to come later, but a few tidbits here:

1. I was surprised by the lack of diversity in a city as large as Tokyo. 99% Japanese.
2. If you want to make big bucks, start a tights/socks company in Japan. 90% of the women were wearing them.
3. I can count on one hand how many fat people I saw the ENTIRE week I was there.
4. I do not like Japanese food. Amy, if you're reading this, you should pack lunches when you go.
5. There are literally NO public garbage cans. Anywhere.
6. Japan is so civilized. Not one bike was locked up. I saw children as young as 8 returning from school by themselves on the train. I saw women walking in alleys at night. It is a weird feeling to not have to watch your back. And an awesome feeling.
7. I love the Japanese bow. So polite and welcoming. Really, truly nice.
8. I saw very few bald Japanese men and the ones I did were 80+.
9. People do not stare there. This is good for travelers who want to stare.
10. Everyone was dressed in public... no one was wearing pajamas, sweats, or even workout clothes. When they are out, they look nice (even the punks).

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  1. can't wait to see some pictures! Sounds like a great trip!