I Stand Corrected.

One of my saving graces from having a know-it-all personality is that I can also admit when I am wrong. Here is something I NEVER thought I'd write, let alone admit to: Glee is amazing!

I am very apathetic and cynical about singing-karaoke-cheesy shows. It's VERY HARD to pull off. Glee does. I'm going to go out on a limb at even say that season 1 (the only one I've seen) is one of the top ten season ones of all time. It can stand alone like "Freaks and Geeks" did. Yikes!

The character development, the acting, the humor, the heart...all well done. Excited for season 2.


  1. I really liked season 1, but I stopped watching it after last season.. it lost its sense of humor and charm. :p

  2. Interesting, I don't think I've met a person who didn't like Glee. I haven't seen it.