Oh, USA Gymnastics, Why Do You Ruin Everything?

USA Gymnastics, the governing body of, well, USA gymnastics, is the most incompetent, embarrassing excuse for a governing body of a sport.

Worlds starts tomorrow. Here is a rundown of our women's team:

INJURED: Bross, Sacramone, Caquatto, Li, Memmel, Sloan
STILL WALKING: Raisman (ankle injury, but still competing), Johnson (slightly injured), Vega, Weiber, Douglas, Maroney (back injury, but still competing)

We are going on a decade of Marta Karolyi mismanaging the pre competition process. Too many competitions, mind games, training on hard equipment (old school),  traveling, etc. How is this STILL going on??

USA SUCKS even more though: covering up sexual abuse of young gymnasts in the 80s. A must read: 


By the way, the main gymnast in this article was one of my favorites. This is 1988 (she has already been being abused for 2 years). My heart breaks for her.

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