Hey you, out there, I am thinking about you...

It's been a rough two weeks. When my kiddo gets sick, it becomes a two-week ordeal. She's sick for several days, then I am sick for several days, and then it takes several days to get back on schedule (this includes tantrums galore from her and total apathy from me). The worst part about it is feeling so alone in all of it. I have amazing friends and family, but the kind of help I need in these situations is beyond a two-hour reprieve. It's hard to explain. I know tons and tons of other single parents that can handle this flawlessly, but it knocks me down every time. So, I might move to NOLA...but that's a story for another day.

As I was/am wallowing in my despair, I was reminded of a good friend of mine who truly has it rough. I can't imagine how alone he feels at times. Those times when everyone is working on their own lives. Sometimes you need someone to reach out to you, but without there being a reason. Like, out of nowhere, you know? I'm thinking of you...and there is no "event" that is making me think of you. It's just a random afternoon at work and I am thinking of you. And loving you. And praying for you.

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