Bad Blogger

Me=bad blogger. I hate it when bloggers don't update their sites (without an announcement of a hiatus). I have a good excuse though: dealing with bum plumbing in my current house, attending appointments for my new house, and losing my car/house/work keys (still not found).

Good news though: Dan is back for the summer! This will make everyday life less stressful and less busy. And, of course, Audrey is stoked. Last night she said to me "you go back" every time I came near her. That was followed by "I want my daddy." Of course you do, child. Daddy hasn't made you clean up, take baths, brush teeth, say "excuse me", etc for the last 8 months. I would want Daddy too. As Jen would say, "my child thinks I'm chopped liver compared to Daddy."

We had an awesome cookout at the Brumley's last night. How cute are these two post-bath?

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