Dan! I Told You They'd Make a Sitcom About Us!

"Happily Divorced" 
TV Land
Click here to see the trailer.

Actually, I think our story is an even better sitcom.

Story: girl likes boy, boy not interested, boy sees girl three years later and is interested, date happily for five years, happily married for another five years, girl pregnant with first child, boy comes out, baby is born, girl attends lots of therapy sessions, baby daddy moves 10 blocks away, lots of ups and downs, now lives 10 hours away, more ups and downs, but will be home for the summer next week!  

Happily divorced and happy parents for three years. 

Thanks Sarah T for telling me about this!


  1. Oh MY GOSH, too funny!!!! Your story is way better btw...

  2. Oh Mel, you have to have a sense of humor to be me :).