The Key to Success: Don't Try to Do What Everyone Else is Trying to Do.

Well, Audrey is finally better (yay!) and back at school. It is so good to see her spunk back!

Today I've been getting caught up on work and I just took a break to get caught up on some blogs. I just read this career advice from Stephen Levitt from http://www.freakonomics.com/ and I find it to be awesome:

Regarding having a career you love:
Make sure that whatever you love doing is something other people don’t love to do. The worst thing in the world is to find some kind of job that everybody wants to do – like being a rock star. Stephen, you’ve tried to be a rock star, it’s hard work. Or a movie star. You have to find something that is idiosyncratically something you love but everyone else despises. So if your dream is to be a garbage man, for instance, you’re guaranteed to have success in life.

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  1. Yea, I tried the rock star circuit. As you can attest - it's no picnic!