Welbutrin Just Isn't Enough to Emotionally Deal with Mitch Daniels

Have you noticed that cake balls and cake pops are all the rage now? For good reason too. The few I have devoured tasted like almost-cooked cake batter covered in frosting. Yum! And they are sooooo cute!

Sooo...if you are frustrated and depressed because your state governor is Mitch Daniels, who just de-funded healthcare for thousands and thousands of low income families in order to not support an organization that performs abortions and has thus INCREASED the number of future abortions since low-income families will not have proper reproductive health care and family planning services....a cake pop can help brighten your spirits- at least for a few minutes.

Yay Cake Pops! Boo Mitch Daniels!


  1. I kinda want to punch him the face

  2. in the face...geez. let me crazy