Slow Down and Simplify

I rented my house for the fall. I've been wavering for a couple of years about doing this and moving to an easier place to live (smaller yard, less space, etc). It's all a part of my "Slow Down and Simplify" life plan. I will miss my house - I've been here for eleven years! I was "this close" to purchasing a new house this week, but it fell through (suspicious smoke stains w/o reasonable explanation). So, I am moving to an apartment! I am moving to one of IU's apartment complexes, which is about 99% international. I'm really excited to meet new friends from all over the world (especially for Audrey)! Another thing I love is that the rent includes everything, so no surprises when it comes to utilities... and no home repairs to do! I hope we'll have many wonderful experiences that I can blog about. Stay tuned...

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