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Have you ever lived in a city with amazing attractions, but not gone to them while you lived there? EX: Living in NYC and never seeing the Statue of Liberty or going to The Met. When I lived in Chicago I did pretty well, but I definitely missed some major stuff: I've never been to the Sear's Tower, the first architecture tour I went on was with my sister during a touristy visit AFTER I had already moved away, and there are still several awesome museums that I have not visited. I've decided this can't be the case with Bloomington. If I'm going to consistently try to get my friends to move here (which I do- annoyingly, I'm sure), I better know every awesome inch of this town. This weekend I visited the IU Greenhouse for the first time. It's huge.

Cool plant (no idea what it is, I forgot to look):

Audrey and green plants.

This one's for Amy: A Hoya plant. She once drove 40 minutes to buy me one for my birthday. I kept this plant alive longer than any other plant I've ever owned. I've only owned two, so that's not saying much. Sorry Ame!

Looking at IU's beautiful landscaping while walking to the Greenhouse.

Another amazing IU place I recently visited: the brand new, state-of-the-art IU Cinema. Come on, Jon and Margaret, what else do you need? http://www.indiana.edu/~iucinema/

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