I'm not going to jump in front of a bus after all.

Forty-eight hours ago, I was about ready to throw myself in front of a bus. I was sick and my little one was being what can only be described as a brat. I was at a lost. What am I doing wrong? I discipline her. She does timeout. All that stuff. But I forgot. I forgot that just when you're preparing to jump in front of that bus, things miraculously do a 180. I told Audrey we needed to take a bath, which lately has been the equivalent of getting shots in her mind. Out of nowhere, she replied, "Ok, Mommy, I understand." That was followed by these:

1. While playing animal bingo last night she said, "good job, Mommy," when I won rather than Ahhhh and Noooo and Waaaa. P.S. this isn't a game you can let someone win, because I totally would have done that for my own sanity.

2. During the same game, she said, "Mommy, I like your stripes (on my shirt). And your lips." Huh???

3. This morning on the way to school, she politely asked (may I please!!!) for her favorite song, "The Snow," which is otherwise known as Coldplay's "Paradise." Out of nowhere, she says, "here's the piano." She said it when the piano kicked in!!! What??? That's not so much behavioral, but it impressed me.

4. A few minutes ago, after dinner, she asked, "may I please be excused?" Umm, yeah. And here's a bag of candy bars.

She's been a totally different child. And, in addition...

1. Today the doctor confirmed I am not dying after all.

2. I got an amazing phone call from an amazing best friend about an amazing possible opportunity.

Just remember, just when you think you're about to lose it, your 180 is probably right around the corner.


  1. So glad you got your 180! Audrey sounds like a sweetie. =)

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  3. This post made me feel so good. Pure joy. Beautifully written!

  4. Love this post! Thanks for the laugh and the good words to remember. I have the bus feeling at least once a week. Always good to know we are not alone. xoxo

  5. I agree with Seja. Sometimes I am like "Calgon take me away.....". And then all of a sudden those little stinkers surprise you! You are doing a great job :)