pointless / unnecessary tidbit about dresses

I was wasn't really a "girly girl" when I was a child, but I had my phases. One phase was when I lived in Salt Lake City and the neighbor girls did beauty pageants. I begged my mom to let me do them too, but she wouldn't let me (thankfully). I dreamed of wearing a drop-waist dress and ballet flats like Pollyanna wore. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a full-length photo, but this is the gist:

Audrey loves to wear dresses. I would love to buy her the below drop-waist dresses. They are too cute. However, they are $$$ and there is no way I'm spending more than $10 on a dress for a three-year-old.

ps Something about the term "girly-girl" rubs me the wrong way. What does it even mean? What makes a girl girly? I looked it up here. Interesting.

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