Bummer Stickers

Do you like bumper stickers? I guess I’m typical in that I tend to like ones I agree with and hate ones I disagree with. I guess it’s an effectual way to spread your message, whatever that may be. But honestly, bumper stickers just seem passive-aggressive to me. Once I challenged someone’s sticker in a parking lot and that person basically told me to mind my own business. The thing is…I was trying to, but I was more and less forced to read this person’s offensive sticker. My opinion is that you shouldn’t put a sticker on your car unless,  (A) you are just as willing to roll down your window and share your thoughts with the person next to you at the stoplight, and (B) you are willing to hear opposing views. These are the two worst:

Good – God = Zero 

Couldn't find an actual pic, which is a good thing! This sticker is so offensive. I am not an atheist, but I truly believe that an atheist who lives a good, productive, positive life is much better than a murderer or pedophile who believes in God.

And these just confuse me. Are you bragging that you have a family? Because, like, most people do. It’s not really anything extraordinary. Are you going to roll down your window and tell your driving neighbor, “Hey, I have a kid! And a dog! And a wife!” ? ? ? ? ?

Of course, a good friend of mine once said it would be hilarious to get one of these stickers if I ever re-marry AND my ex, Dan, re-married as well (if he was allowed, that is). This would be our sticker:

Adult Man + Adult Woman + Girl Child + Adult Man + Adult Man

Hey, if that scenario happily worked (which I actually think it would), it would certainly be something to brag about, right?


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  2. Hey Jack, I love this blog...I am totally with you on bumper stickers, I love the ones I love and hate the ones I hate...keep it up!