In Honor of all Kickass Women....

It's Women's History Month. Being the feminist that I am, I just have to do at least one post about it (and there will probably be more). I decided to feature my favorite female TV characters, all of whom kick booty. If you have not seen these shows, YOU MUST MUST MUST!

Penny from "Inspector Gadget"

Veronica from "Veronica Mars"

CJ from "The West Wing"

Darlene from "Roseanne"

Rory and Lorelei from "Gilmore Girls"

Dora from "Dora the Explorer"

Debra from "Dexter"

 Claire from "The Cosby Show"

And my absolute favorite...drum roll...Buffy from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"

And, although she doesn't quite make the list, I must mention Sarah Silverman because I am going to see her Thursday night with Seja!!! Can you think of a better GNO? Woot woot!

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