Want to Know the Key to Happiness? Because I Have it!

Here it is: Stop watching political pundits and the news (and reading news blogs)! Seriously. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, your local station- they are all horrible. Pundits and broadcast news “journalists” exaggerate EVERYTHING by over 1000% and cause so much fear in our country. But you want to stay informed, right? I know, me too. My recommendation: Jon Stewart. Yes, his show is a comedy, but its news portion are based on real events and he is an equal-opportunity critic. Many think he leans left, and I think he does as well, but he has NO PROBLEM calling out both (all) sides for their ridiculous stupidity. Also, the NewsHour on PBS; people think they lean left too, but I think it’s the closest to bipartisan news as you’ll get on TV. Anyway, my level of happiness has increased significantly since I started limiting myself to watching / reading (online) news to once a week.

If you do want factual news, you are more likely to get the “real” story several weeks after the event occurs. “We regret our error” notices are not prominently shown and there are TONS of them (and  that's only if they actually admit the mistake). Like when we said, “100 died from this horrible accident,” we actually meant 13 people were mildly injured. “Sorry to those people who had subsequent heart attacks and died due to our irresponsible reporting.”

Below is a gem from 2010; the publication took almost a month to admit that the picture is of the wrong man, and that the man in the picture is still alive and he didn’t kill anyone. Could you imagine? Seeing a headline, “Jane Doe Responsible for Killing 430,000 People,” and the picture of Jane Doe is YOU!!!!

The publicatons's apology: The picture above right illustrated a front page story about the death of the Nazi war criminal, Samuel Kunz, on 23 November. We have since been told that the image is not, in fact, that of Samuel Kunz, but the Croatian actor Ljubomir Jurkovic. We are happy to make the position clear and apologise to Mr Jurkovic for the error.

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