My Love

I FINALLY finished "Audrey: The Second Year." It's been a very emotional process because every video clip I added reminded me of the all the awesome video clips that were accidentally deleted (I'm reaching a point of acceptance). While it's not as good as "Audrey: The First Year," I still love it because watching her grow up is the best. It starts off a bit slow, but it picks up! (Movies via youtube: here.)

I missed adding Tori Rawley and Andria Harmon to the thank you list (thank you Tori and Andria!). I'm sure I missed more, but I'll make it up to those people in "Audrey: The Third Year," which is currently kicking booty.


  1. I love the videos, she is so beautiful.

  2. Thanks Marie! As are your little ones. Give little Hope a high five for me!

  3. Jackie, I love the videos. You're an awesome mom. miss you.