Good God Google!

10 amazing perks if you work for Google (As reported by MoneyWatch):

1. If you have a favorite charity, Google will match your contributions, up to $12,000 a year.

2. Pop a tire on your bike on your way to work? The on-site bike repair specialist is happy to help.

3. Between the rock climbing wall, lap pool and billiards tables, who needs a fancy gym?

4. In 2010, Google celebrated improving numbers by handing out across the board 10 percent raises.

5. Google has been praised by human rights groups for recognizing domestic partners when it comes to benefits like health insurance and bereavement leave.

6. Two words: free lunch.

7. One employee quoted on Google’s website says she was surprised by “The number of people who wear Google T-shirts to work! It’s like being at a college campus that has tons of school spirit.”

8. If rock climbing sounds a little crazy (or you wore a skirt to work), you can blow off some steam with a frenzied foosball match.

9. It may not be a dog’s life at Google — but canine companions are welcome.

10. And rounding out number 10: Free beer. Cheers!

I actually intended to post something entirely different today, but ran across this. I'll be back (to post my other post) in about the amount of time it takes to apply for a position at Google.

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