I Can Write This Because I am Totally Secure with Myself

Soooo...I finished my class last night. I was so excited to go home and be lazy. However, I don't have cable (not even basic cable), netflix, apple tv, or any of that. I tend to watch shows on my computer. I was already caught up on The Office, 30 Rock, and Modern Family, so I headed over to ABCfamily.com to catch the latest episode of what we "insiders" call MIOBI. Yup, "Make It or Break It." It's kind of a "Gossip Girl" meets "Secret Life" meets gymnastics. I totally love this show, which is surprising because they get the gymnastics ALL WRONG. Teen show + gymnastics = Jackie watches. Anyway, I was so tired, but couldn't sleep (shocking!). I decided that I needed rest so I'd only watch a 30-minute (aka 20-min) show. So, I watched "Melissa and Joey." Yes, that's Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence's new sitcom. I've always kind of liked MJH for her zeal, although I know it probably annoys the hell out of most people. Anyway, I'm totally hooked. I watched three eps. Seriously, it's not that bad. Pretty funny actually. Below is the trailer, but the actual show is 10x funnier.

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