Say What?

So, I'll try to keep my "my kid is so cute" posts to a minimum, but I still gotta do 'em.

Audrey is about 70-80% there when it comes to talking. What cracks me up is that she'll say a couple coherent sentences followed by several jibberish sentences (la to yop lar kem quo vin goot xi wa). When she's saying the jibberish sentences, she's very animated. It's so cute because she is clearly proud of herself for having a WHOLE conversation like other humans do, which she's not really capable of just yet. To me, it's the equivalent of an adult talking too loud on the street or in a restaurant because he/she thinks everyone around him/her is interested/impressed/paying attention. It's annoying when an adult does that. Jibberish conversations by a 2-yr-old: adorbs!

Also, check this out. I have me a girly girl. This is her being modest. And, dresses only!

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  1. adorable :) i love how quickly kids catch on that they can immediately watch what they did on the camera.