Have I Peaked?

So my cousin Emily has this theory that everyone peaks in life and then they continue to wear whatever was in fashion when they peaked. One summer when I lived in OKC, Emily and I hung out a lot. We often sat in the mall and guessed when the shoppers "peaked" based on what they were wearing. Yes, mean, but also really fun!

So here's my worry: the other day I received a Garnett Hill catalog. Three things suprised me:
  1. That I even RECEIVED it (how did I get on their mailing list? I must be on the "about to turn 35" mailing list)
  2. That I then OPENED it
  3. And lastly, that I actually LIKE some of the clothes

Uh oh. I think I have peaked. Please, please, please, someone confirm that this is a cute dress:

One other thing: I bought some shorts at Old Navy and I opted for the 7-inchers instead of the 5-inchers. Double uh oh.


  1. Oh good. That means a lot coming from a true stylist :).

  2. I think that outfit is cute, too! Maybe I've peaked, as well?

    And, seriously, I go for the knee length shorts now. So, you're still rocking it if you went mid-thigh. ;)

  3. As the one who "broke" the news to you about peaking, yes the dress is cute. Haha about the shorts. You are getting older, but you are still gorgeous!
    Love ya cousin,