Thanks Indiana Senate: Healthcare for Women and Families Close to Being Defunded

First of all, I really don't want this blog to be a political blog. However, there are some issues that I just have to comment on, especially the rights of women and children.

Saw this headline in the Indy Star this morning: "Senate approves bill that cuts off funds to Planned Parenthood." I am trying really hard not to let this ruin my day. This bill is just so hard to understand. So many women (and men!) use Planned Parenthood for their reproductive health. When I couldn't afford doctors' visits due to my "major medical only" insurance plan, I went to Planned Parenthood, as did most of my friends, for my annual exams. I am now one of the priviledged who has a good benefits due to my job. What are the women who don't have another option going to do? Mostly likely... they will have undiagnosed, and thus untreated, STDs, cervical cancer, breast cancer, and many other reproductive problems. They are also going to have less healthy pregnancies. This bill is not about abortion, although it is called "Abortion Matters"; federal and state dollars don't pay for this service. Why are we pulling money from the everyday services that women depend on? This is the bulk of Planned Parenthood's work; only 3% of their work is related to abortions. In fact, PP probably helps DECREASE abortions due to their counseling services. Here are the people (30 men and 5 women) who voted to defund healthcare for low-income men, women, UNBORN babies, and young children:

Alting - Grooms - Merritt - Tomes - Banks - Head - Miller - Walker - Bray - Hershman - Mishler -Waltz - Buck - Holdman - Nugent - Waterman - Charbonneau - Hume - Paul - Yoder - Delph - Kruse - Schneider - Young, M - Eckerty  - Lawson - Skinner - Young, R - Gard - Leising - Smith - Zakas - Glick - Long - Steele

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  1. I just wrote an angry email to everyone of these people you listed