Worst College Weekend Ever?

So, this weekend is what many refer to as "The Best College Weekend Ever." It's the Little 500 bicycle race. Of course, locals often disagree. They get quite annoyed with the influx of rowdy people who come and leave their beer bottles in our yards. Many people try to leave for the weekend. But...I refuse to be one of these people. First of all, Little 500 is really cool. Have you ever been to bike race like this? It's fast, drama-filled, and usually under a lovely sun. It's something I hope to bring Audrey to when she's a little older. I just can't hate any event that helps make my town be so kickass.

Turns out though, I AM going out of town. And I am GLAD I am. I get to meet my new little niece, Abby. Ok, here's more of the cast: Amy, Jen, Seja and Wendy. These girls are basically my sisters. We've been a tight crew for years and years. We all have little ones now...so lots of nieces and nephews. These girls have gotten me through some rough times and they've been there for all of the best times. I trust these girls (+ my dad and real sis) more than anyone in the world. They are my family.

This weekend, Amy and I are are visiting Wendy and her new little one. We're bummed that the whole crew can't make it, but we'll make up for that this summer!

Here we are a couple years ago (ps three of us are preggers in this pic).

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