True Love

I had a most lovely weekend visiting two of my dearest friends, Wendy and Amy, and meeting my new niece, Abby. We visited new mama Wendy in Columbus, OH and had such a wonderful girls' weekend (sans Jen and Seja sadly). We were able to get out for an Italian dinner (which is especially great for me since Bloomington's best Italian is Fazoli's). We also got to enjoy Wendy's yummy cooking and binge on her desserts. My diet on Saturday night: homemade stromboli, five brownies, a "big" Reese's cup, a cookie and, my fav, an Ambien! 

BTW, the title refers to Wendy and her little one (below), but also to my friendships with these gals. 

A little note: Seja's surgery went well and she is recovering. She should be back in action with me before the week is over.

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