Now That I Know What to Read (Thanks Oprah!)...

I just COULD NOT figure out what to wear to work this morning, so I called Rachel Zoe.

I asked, "Rachel, what should I wear to work today? My black turtleneck sweater, my other black turtleneck sweater, my gray turtleneck sweater, my camel turtleneck sweater, my white cardigan, my black cardigan, my light gray cartigan, my dark gray cardigan, my camel cardigan, or my cream cardigan?" I think she tried to shoot me through the phone.

By the way, I actually went with my gray v-neck sweater (and no make up- oops!)


  1. Sick, I know, but I love her. Totally.

  2. I like her too... and clearly need her help (and her spending allowance!). xoxo

  3. You can always call me and borrow my Rachel Zoe sleeveless faux fur jacket that I felt like I so desperately needed but when it arrived I noticed that I looked a lot like Cher back in the Sonny and Cher days....(it had to be a run-on sentence..)