Spring is for Flowers and Fountains

It's a BEAUTIFUL day in Bloomington today. One of my favorite things to do in spring is take Audrey for a walk around campus to see the tullips (thousands of them!) and the fountains. IU does an amazing job with the landscape of the campus. To me, it rivals most parks in the world.

I call this one "Audrey with Tullips" (circa spring 2009)

Bloomington has two awesome fountains: Showalter Fountain and the Jacobs School of Music Fountain. How many towns this size have two awesome fountains? By the way, these pics don't do these justice (especially the latter).


School of Music

I LOVE FOUNTAINS! Here are some others I want to visit!

Banpo Bridge - Korea

Dubai Fountain

Swarovski Fountain - Austria

Grand Cascade - Russia

The Floating Fountains - Japan

Can you imagie the beautiful noise of these fountains?

BUT... the very best fountain in the world is....

Photos herehere, here, here, and here

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